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Design isn't about layering on the decorative elements; rather, it's about layering on the elements of you. Good design brings together functionality and beauty, and allows us to manipulate our environments to suit our lifestyles. After all, our homes are an expression of who we are, so shouldn't we all say 'ahh' when we walk in the door? I think so.



Sarah Blake- Owner/Designer


My background is in kitchen, bath and custom cabinetry design, but my expertise stretches to each room of the house too. My life has always revolved around design; design of the home, design of great cocktails and dinner dishes, design of great gatherings and sweet moments. That is why each project I take on becomes a part of my artistic legacy. To me, it is more than just putting together the right furniture, or laying out a kitchen design that flows from refrigerator to sink, to range with ease. I believe that good design requires a holistic approach, where we not only focus on what looks good, but also what feels good to each of us on an individual level. That is why I always start my project by getting to know my clients, because after all, no two people are the same, so no two rooms should be!

My signature style exists somewhere between organic and modern. I favor raw materials, new and old architectural elements and layers of texture. I love earthy color pallets and masculine furniture. My ideal room is the type that makes you want to touch everything as you walk in!

Tess Clayton- Assistant


My background is strongly focused in remodeling, whether it be moving to a new house or starting from ground up. Since childhood I worked closely with my father focusing on different projects, and later on designing and building my first house. I was able to learn quality craftsman skills and could apply my skills for design in ways that modernized our projects efficiently. Kitchens, baths, or entire houses, there isn’t a space I wasn’t determined to renovate. I also have an interest in creativity in the outdoors through three years of landscape designing and installation for my former university. During university I studied fine arts and design for two years, nurturing my passion for painting and graphic design. I’m determined to accomplish projects start to finish; from design to installation.  Inspiring different creative directions or styles has always been an interest when taking on new projects. I have a dedication to meeting clients’ needs and making their ideas a reality.



COVID-19 UPDATE: A design experience that is right for you.

After an unnerving year, we are finally on our way back to normal. However, many of us are making this transition slowly, and that's okay! My goal is to make your design experience as successful and comfortable as possible. My work can be done almost entirely remote, which means we can meet wherever and however it feels most comfortable to you. Whether its a one-on-one visit at your home or my studio, or a virtual experience via video chat, your design experience can be catered to your personal preferences at this time.


While many design elements and displays are still in the works, Sarah Blake Designs Studio and Showroom is now open in Brattleboro, VT! *Visits by appointment only. 

642 Putney Road, Brattleboro VT 04301