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SARAH BLAKE- Owner & Designer


While my background is in kitchen, bath and custom cabinetry design, my passion extends to all elements of design. Throughout my life, I have come to appreciate just how much visual and textural experiences influence the way we live. Each day, we are impacted by the subtle (and not so subtle) external stimulations that surround us. There is a reason a room filled with sunshine brings us joy, or a moody color palette helps us feel reflective and relaxed. We receive external input all day, every day, and intentional design gives us an opportunity to manipulate our surroundings to satisfy the way we want to feel and function in our day to day lives. Whether it be an intuitive kitchen workflow or a distraction free office space, I strive to bring this kind of thoughtfulness to each design experience, so your spaces promote a better way of life for you and yours. 

Nicole Harris
Account Manager
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